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14-03-2019 YD201
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daily! PRIZE: TOP 1 :Rs 50, Top 2: Rs 30 and Top 3: Rs 20. Excited? Here’s TODAY’S TOPIC:  Which is your favourite Aamir Khan movie and why?
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  • Arvind_Mishra
    My Favorite "Amir Khan" Movie is 3 idoits.I think this is very good movie for students & our country because which has briefly explain the importance of friends, education and dreams. It has been said that "We need to do what we dream to do".
    Mantu Pathak : 👍👍
    Naman jain : 3 idoits
    Arvind_Mishra : reply@Mantu Pathak 👍👍
    Arvind_Mishra : reply@Naman jain Thank you bhai
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    Arvind_Mishra : reply@Khushbu Pathak 👍👍
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    Arvind_Mishra : Are you agree with me??
  • Shaira
    Taare Zameen Par, Lagaan, 3 Idiots, PK. I feel very tough to choose among them. But i vote for 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par. They are path breaking movies and they changed the attitude of people in society , i can say they influenced people.
    Shaira : Lagaan story revolves around the people of a small village in Victorian India,as they stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers.They took up the challenge posed by an arrogant British officer and came out victorious towards the end.
    Shaira : P.K ; Aamir plays an innocent alien in this flick and he was apt for the role.He proved once again that he's a perfectionist. The movie too broke all records at the boxoffice and was a huge hit all over the world.
    Shaira : 3Idiots :It is a satire on Indian Educational System wich ws only Mugging up buks.it changd thought process of youngsters. It says "Do things wht ur heart says ,not ur brain says which hs briefly explain importance of frnds, education n dreams.we need to do wht v dream to do
    Shaira : Taare Zameen Par: Perfect relation,friendship between a student who was struggling with dyslexia and a teacher. The way teacher brought difference and unmasked the talent in him is pretty awesome.
    sholjar j k : lagan is best all cantri is mechhing
  • vinay creation
    vinay creation:
    PK because it was a very thought-provoking movie.It raised some very relevant points about various religious practices, commercialisation of religion, the shenanigans of opportunistic god-men, and gullibility of humans.This movie shows the hypocrisy existing in our society.
    vinay creation : it tells us Truth does not reside in a place where there is a blind faith. Where there is Truth, there is no need of faith. God didn't differentiate between while He created them. Its the humans themselves that have built these artificial walls.
    vinay creation : It is actually full of comedy, but yeah it show how religions are fraud and how religious heads cheat people, take them for granted.
    vinay creation : it tells us Take your own decisions rather than depending on some religious guru. When religion is questioned even men of god resort to violence. 90% of the people are hypocrites. They play with words and rules and frame it according to their benefits.
    vinay creation : it tells The main principle on which religion works is “fear of God”. I personally feel we must be God-loving rather than God-fearing. Religious gurus mostly exploit this weakness.
    vinay creation : it tells us God didn't make us different. Humans made this difference. You can compare the bodies of newly born babies of every religion. I guess you won’t be able to differentiate them.
  • _Iram_
    Aamir Khan gave many marvelous movies to Bollywood Industry. Everyone know, which type of movies He made and produced .He is one of finest actor in Bollywood. So it is little bit difficult to select and arrange his best movies.
    _Iram_ : Lagaan story about the resilience shown by Indians when they were under the British Rule. They are already taxed to the bone by the British and their cronies, but when Jack Russell announces that he will double the Lagaan (tax) from all villagers, they decide to oppose it
    _Iram_ : Rang De Basanti This movie is absolutely brilliant. Resonates with every "third world" country from India to Egypt. It touched many hearts. Ghajini A short-term memory loss patient sets out on his journey to avenge the death of his beloved girl.
    _Iram_ : 3 idiots “Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai ... lekin dost first aa jaye toh zyada dukh hota hai” PK “Bhagwan se baat kare ka communication system ye gola ka ... total lul ho chuka hai”
    _Iram_ : I tried to list my Personal Favorites which You should also Watch. And I promise it will worth your Precious Time.
  • 💕🔷rohit pandey🔷💕
    💕🔷rohit pandey🔷💕:
    3 idiots ,Great performances by amir khan make this film more natural. It has great messages and golden rules which can change one's life in a big way. It also questions the educational system prevailing in India.it's hard to pick one among all hit amir movie.
    💕🔷rohit pandey🔷💕 : Unlike other movies of Aamir khan which has a amalgamation of comedy,logic,action;this movie starts with a serious note and althrough the film,it maintains that seriousness and suspense
    💕🔷rohit pandey🔷💕 : 3 idoits , which has briefly explain the importance of friends, education and dreams. It has been said that we need to do what we dream to do.
    💕🔷rohit pandey🔷💕 : It is a satire on Indian Educational System which was only Mugging up books., it changed the thought process of youngsters. It says " Do things what your heart says , not your brain says"
    💕🔷rohit pandey🔷💕 : This film is a laughing riot that preaches not to chase success, but to chase excellence and success would follow! Breathtaking performance by Amir ,excellent direction, superb locations and great humour are the reasons for me liking 3 Idiots among others!
  • 💞 k.fan 💞
    💞 k.fan 💞:
    My favorite amir Khan movie is Mangal pandey lndian historical biographical based on the life of the Mangal pandey an Indian soldier known for helping to spark the indian rebellion of 1857. Truly awesome movie amir Khan did his role excellently.
    sarfrajAlam : SarfrajAlam6284316173
    💞 k.fan 💞 : This movie all songs are very nice my favorite song is "Mangal Mangal" singing by kailash kher and music by A.R Rahman both are my favorite
    💞 k.fan 💞 : Best movie to remember the nationalism. Hats off amir Khan. Proud to be Indian. This movie will surely uplift u from religious, caste, colour discrimination and make you feel united. 🇮🇳🇮🇳👌👌
  • True friends
    True friends:
    THREE IDIOTS movie is my favourite movie of Aamir khan Coz.... This movie is something that has the ability to change peoples mind in a very positive way. During the film Amir Khan keep on saying that “All izz well” the goal behind this thing is you should motivate yourself.
    True friends : 3 Idiots sets new standards of friendship and mutual bonding between classmates. In this movie , Everything is perfect and right from individual performances, screenplay, direction, editing to cinematography.
    True friends : and You must believe in you that you can do this. It also inspires Do work with passion and choice. 3 Idiots is a story of human struggle from cradle to grave. The movie portrays how the human struggle for existence begins with the birth of a child.
  • 🔷 comedy world 😁😁
    🔷 comedy world 😁😁:
    Rang de basanti.. The way this movie starts and continues, keeps you spellbound till the end. The story telling, the consistency, the acting of all the actors.. It's simply awesome. My personal favourite, I can't describe the movie using words.
    🔷 comedy world 😁😁 : Aamir was brilliant in this movie and it made him a favourite for intelligent movie audience in India
    🔷 comedy world 😁😁 : I cry at the end whenever I watch the movie, and believe me, I have watched it countless times. One in a million movie, the word "awesome" also is very small compared to the elegance of the movie.
  • Android Tech
    Android Tech:
    3 Idiots is the amazing movie of Aamir Khan inspirational and entertaining with the message to all students who wants to be something but choose something because of pressure it was awesome. also I like the character of Aamir Khan as Rancho.
    Android Tech : who else likes the Character of Rancho?
  • Indian_fun_guru
    It's Obviously Dangal. Aamir Khan's greatest movie, his carrier best. He has done exceptionally great acting in the movie. Aamir had worked very hard for Dangal increasing his weight, doing a role of a wrestler, a father. He also won National award for Dangal. A Good story.
    Indian_fun_guru : 👍
  • ~Royal~💓Saifi
    sonu Hi : nice
  • sexividio


    : Tare Zameen Par, cuz every child is a special.
  • 🌍5555🌍 deepanshu
    🌍5555🌍 deepanshu:
    taare zameen par because is the most inspiring movie for the childrens who are not .. able to show her his quality in this movie amir khan help a child to show his tallent and .. finaaly he succeess in his mission to able a child able to read able to drawing
  • 🥇🥈🥉palshashi🏆💟_4344588
    3 idiot because it tells all the students and parents the importance of education and the importance of their dreams, which makes them stress free by providing positive energy. This movie moves forward in life to inspire them to work according to their interests.
    🥇🥈🥉palshashi🏆💟_4344588 : In fact, a child Has been shown taking birth which indicates that human existence begins with conflict and we must fulfill it with patience.
  • damini
    dangal...because hamere chori choro se kam hai ke?
  • mahi007
    rang de bSanti
  • Vishal Nanda Kamble
    Vishal Nanda Kamble:
    अमीर खान की जड़तर सब movie बेस्ट होती है जो हमेशा समाज को एक msg देती है और खुद अमीर sir सबको हेल्प हो ये सोचते है
  • Rohit kumar
    Rohit kumar:
    dhoom 3 because he is great theaf
  • chandan
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